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Rachel B. of Indianapolis, IN asks...
What is the one song of yours that really means something to you?

For me, the song that means to most to me is "Without You Here." It is one song that touches a lot of people's hearts, and we all love getting messages from fans telling us how much the song has meant to them during a difficult time.

It's also a song that everyone can relate to, because we've all lost someone from our lives in one way or another. I think of all the songs we've written, "Without You Here" can be enjoyed by anyone who hears it.

Answered by Patrick

Zach E. of Safford, AZ asks...
Do you guys ever get tired of Safford's questions??

No. = )

Answered by Patrick

Callie C. of Oglethorpe, GA asks...
Ha well, I know you said 'don't ask!', but I have to =p: "Dep LTP"???

Ah yes, Callie can always be trusted to break the rules LOL! So ... What is "Dep LTP" you ask? Well, back in the very first days of the band, we were searching for a name, as bands do. We were all in high school so we can be forgiven, certainly, for picking "Dep LTP" as our first name! Believe it or not, Julio gets the blame for finding that phrase on the side of a beverage bottle, it probably means something about the bottle deposit LOL!

Well before too long we realized that everytime we told people that our band name was "Dep LTP" each time the response would be "what did you say?" Not the best response!

So, thankfully, I ... Patrick ... came to the rescue with the much better "Pensive."

Thus, the story of "Dep LTP."

Answered by Patrick

Mikayla H. of Fresno, CA asks...
Can I go back stage if you guys come to Fresno to play?

We never hide out back stage when we play at venues, we're always very easy to find mingling around talking to fans, so you should definitely plan on hanging out with us when we play there!

Answered by Patrick

Tabitha N. of San Diego, CA asks...
Are you guys playing at warped tour???? Cuz you and like 2 other bands would probably be the only reason I go so plzzzzz play at warped in san diego or ill be sad :[

We hope to! We loved playing at Warped Tour in 2008 and we are doing our best to play again this year too! 2008 was a blast, with our entire Street Team dressed up like The Joker to help us promote all over the place! Hope you didn't miss that!

Answered by Patrick

Kayla S. & Melinda A. of Bakersfield, CZ asks...
Julio, Melinda wants to ask if you'll make your famous carne asada for us =] And for the whole band Kayla thinks you should play in Bakersfield @ Jerry's Pizza. We'll hand out flyers and all that jazz so yeah..... please come see us!

Well, since I have "AUA" duty, and Julio's not around, I'm going to make you a little deal! If we can get a show at Jerry's Pizza this year, and you pack the place with your amazing Street Teaming promotions all over Bakersfield, then yes ... Julio will make you his famous carne asada! ; )

Answered by Patrick

Melinda A. of Bakersfield, CA asks...
Ok this is gonna sound freaky, but I swear its not suppose to sound the way it does lol! Do you guys have gf's? I know pat does, But seriously if you do how do you do it?? Always on the road that must be hard!

Wow, the super personal question! We don't ever talk about the super personal stuff, and that's because of course, everyone has things they do and love outside their passions, but our band is always number one with us! And that's what we like to talk to our fans about! But since we do call this "Ask Us Anything" no harm asking!

Answered by Patrick

Elizabeth C. of El Cajon, CA asks...
HEYY GUYS IT'S LIZ!! haha when are you guys going to play at Granite again! you need to come like ASAP!! :D ily guys!! xoxoxo

Miz Liz! You know we love you too! Maybe we'll play at Granite again this year in 2010, let's see what happens!

Answered by Patrick

Oscar Y. of El Paso, TX asks...
Hey guy's when you all tour agaian, you all need to do a show here in El Paso thats one place you havent stoped at. Well beside you all and I eating lunch together which is good thing. But drop by and do a show and I'll take you to a better place for some good eats. SO the question was I think, You think you all might do a show here next tour?

Hey man, we definitely have to hit up El Paso asap, but every time our booking agent tries to find a show there it never works out! And Las Cruces isn't a lot easier to book. But hey, there's always Roswell LOL!

Thanks for always being a good friend on the road, its much appreciated!

Answered by Patrick

Veronica N. of Willits, CA asks...
Okay so in the book "the things they carried" Tim O'Brien blurs the line between reality and fiction, to what affect and what purpose does he do this? how does the style of the novel fit the ideas?....what you realized this was an english prompt? well i've been found out, but if you can answer it, a 3 page essay would be nice^_^ but on serious note, where'd you get the name "PENSIVE" from?, sorry i find one word band names odd (but not in a bad way)

OMG, we will have to declare you the winner of the most original, then most unoriginal question ever asked hahaha! Yes indeed "what does your band name mean?" is by far our most asked question. It's even in the FAQ, so we get the luxury of referring you there!

Ok, so now the Tim O'Brien question, that book is actually really amazing, what grade did you get on your paper hmmmm?

Now there's another first, a question back from us!

Answered by Patrick

Mikayla H. of Fresno, CA asks...
Can you guys come play at Fresno! No good bands come after the warped tour!

Hey Mikayla, we'd love to play in Fresno! You should let us know the best venue to play because we've never been there!

Answered by Julio

Jasey C. of Lakeside, CA asks...
Cody how tall are you? I'm 5'7 and you hugged me and I felt really short haha! And how tall is everyone else in the band?

Wow Jasey, 5'7 isn't short ... if you're standing next to Jeremy LOL! Yeah, we all give Jeremy a bad time because he's the shortest one in the band ; ) But let's see, some highly confidential info about to be revealed here ... I'm 6'2, Patrick is 6'1, Julio is 5'10, and Jeremy is ... shorter than all of us!

Answered by Cody

Abril A. of Tijuana, Mexico asks...
Julio... are you left handed? Or do you just like to play a right handed guitar upside-down? BTW I love the fact that the song soledad is in spanish. Saludos desde Tijuana! (:

I am left handed! Although I wish I would have learned to play guitar right handed, like a lot of leftys do. Our bass player is also left handed but learned to play right handed. It would be a lot easier for me to find guitars I like if I played righty! And I'm glad you like "Soledad," that's definitely one of my favorite songs.

Y gracias por los saludos, espero verte a la proxima que tengamos show aqui en San Diego en aņo que viene =)

Besos y abrazos!!!

Answered by Julio

Kayla A. of Irvine, CA asks...
How do Julio and Patrick keep their hair so shiny and soft? How long does everyone take to do their hair in the morning? xx

I can understand why you might say "shiny," but if you think our hair is "soft" you must have some personal experience with that LOL! Hugs at a show no doubt! But hmmm, shall I reveal our secrets? Well speaking for myself, my hair is actually really curly and it takes a long time before a show to straighten it with a straightening iron, so I don't do that every day. Just before a show only. And the iron is probably what makes it look shiny, just guessing. My shampoo and conditioner secret ... Bumble & Bumble. <3

Answered by Julio

Nicole C. of Safford, AZ asks...
Why do you guys like to play in Safford AZ? Why is it one of your favorite places to play?

We do love Safford! It's definitely in our top 5 places in the whole country because the crowds are always so much fun! Everyone sings along to the songs, jumps up and down, hangs out after the show and buys lots of merch and gets lots of pics and autographs! It's like our home away from home! Yes indeed Safford ROCKS! XOXOX

Answered by Julio

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