What does Pensive mean?
Lost in deep, melancholy thought...

Who thought of the name Pensive? It sounds too much like a vocab word.
It was probably Patrick when he was spending a lot of time studying for the SAT back when he was preparing to study rocket science at MIT. No, actually, here's the true story. One day in his favorite high school class Humanities, one of Patrick's teachers said to him, "Patrick, you look pensive today." Patrick looked up the word, liked what it meant, and when the band needed a new name, Patrick suggested it. Loved by all it was immediately put to use, replacing the short-lived and always misunderstood original band name of "Dep LTP." (Don't ask!)

When did the band originally form?
Well, back sometime in 2000, Patrick and Julio met each other in high school and started hanging out at Patrick's house playing drums and guitars together. At the school's Battle of the Bands contest, they got to thinking that the winner that year was pretty good, but that they'd probably be able to play at least that well, so they decided they'd put together an entire band and try to win the next year. They did start a band, and they DID win Battle of the Bands, and the rest is history!

How many Pensive CDs are there?
Actually, there are five! Here they are:

Kids These Days EP (2002)
When the Fire Burns Brightest Single (2003)
Something About the Stars EP (2003)
Yesterday Fades Away Single (2006)
Artifacts (Sept. 4, 2007)

Pensive can also be found on these comps:

A Different Shade Of Green: A Tribute to Green Day (Skunk Ape Records 2003)
Bands you love, have heard of, and should know... (Drive-Thru Records 2005)
A Day In The Life Of... (New School Records 2005)
Motives: Buzzlighter 11(Shut Eye Records 2005)

Find more info about all these CDs in the MEDIA section!

I bought Kids These Days and there's a band picture with a couple of people I don't recognize... who the heck are they?
Ah, the first incarnation of Pensive! Well, the tall, dark, and handsome one is Jared Marshall. He played bass in Pensive until September 2003 and has since left the band pursuing spiritual enlightenment. Well actually, Jared's now a graphic designer and fortunately for us quite a talented one. As you peruse the website you'll be enjoying his handywork! He also designed the artwork for our newest album Artifacts.

And the other person who is not either Julio or Patrick you ask? That's Jason Perry, drummer extraordinaire, now keeping the beat for our friends The Stranger's Six.

Who's Will Salazar? I saw his name on Artifacts and Something About the Stars.
You're right. You did see his name in both places! He actually produced Artifacts and Something About the Stars. Will used to be the lead singer for the now defunct Fenix TX (though they still tour sometimes, so if you can catch them, do!). His second band, Denver Harbor, released an awesome album called Scenic, which you should pick up immediately if you haven't already! Anyway, Will now produces records for a living, and does a damn good job of it!

NO WAY! How did Pensive get Will Salazar to produce two of their records?
Well, you know that old saying, "he's a friend of a friend"? Well, that's originally how it happened. When we first worked with Will back in 2003 it was so amazing to be in the same room with him after seeing him in concert so many times, especially with Blink 182. Even now working with Will is amazing, he's the most talented musician we know.

So where has Pensive been on tour?
Well, we've been in over 25 states so far, all over the west, the midwest, the southeast, and well Texas, which is basically its own entire region of the country! We've also been to the pacific northwest, and the northeast including NYC, which was awesome! We tour all the time, so just keep watching our TOUR section to see where we're headed next!

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