DOB: February 20th (Picses)

Birth place: Tijuana, Mexico

The places Iíve lived: Mexico, San Diego, our Touring Van

What I play: Gibson + Fender Guitars, Lead Vocals, and Texas Hold 'Em

Favorite bands: Nirvana, Green Day, The Beatles, Mana, Julieta Venegas, Denver Harbor

Favorite shows: The Dark Knight in IMAX

What Iím listening to now: Senses Fail, Thrice, Paramore, Daughtry, Ian on the phone

Favorite movies: The Dark Knight

Favorite television shows: Conan O' Brian, South Park, Friends, NFL Season, Heroes, Lost

TV shows I never miss: Conan O' Brien and NFL Season

Favorite books: Not a book but A.P. Magazine

Favorite websites: I'm addicted to Myspace (aren't we all?)

Favorite videogames: Mario GoKart, Car Racing Games

When I have a chance just to waste some time, I really like to: Relax at home, Play Poker

Favorite foods: BBQ Ribs, Deep Dish Pizza from Chicago (Uno's), Sushi, Steak and Lobster, In 'N' Out Burger, Mushroom Pizza, Mexican Food from Mexico, Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, anything my Mom used to make

Favorite restaurants: Benihana, Taka Sushi, Chicago UNO's Pizza, CPK Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings, Poquito Mas... we need one in San Diego!!!

Favorite colors: Black, White, Dark Purple

Best part of being in a band: Ask me at a show

Worst part of being in a band: Ask me at a show

What I think I would be doing if I werenít in a band: I don't think about that stuff

People I admire: Michael Phelps, Oprah

The person I would most like to meet: It's a tie between Conan O' Brien and Oprah

Pet peeves: Stupid Bad Drivers, Internet crashing

Fears: Snakes + spiders that are poisonous, Sharks

My hope for the future: Gas $$$ going down to make touring more affordable