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Produced by: Will Salazar
Engineered and Mixed by: Joe Marlett
Second Mix Engineer: Kevin Szymanski
Mastered by: Gavin Lurssen

Drums: Mike Levinson
Additional Backing Vocals: Will Salazar, Brenda Ayllen
Strings Conducted & Arranged by: Bruce Dennelly
Strings Musicians: Herman Constantine, Mary Lindblem, John Stubbs

Art Direction & Design: Shauna Salazar
Additional Graphic Design: Sean Tolley

Recorded at: Signature Sound, San Diego, CA
Mixed at: Chalice Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered at: The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles, CA
Manufactured at: Clear Image Companies, Poway, CA

1. The 3rd of July
2. Another Unknown Tragedy
3. I'm Still About You
4. Soledad
5. January Embers
6. Stare at the Stars

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