Friday, January 9, 2004:
It's 2004?! Happy New Year!

First things first, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope yours went as great as ours did! We had a lot of fun playing the show on the 3rd and hope you made it out! Anyway, just a quick update to let everyone know that new pictures have been posted from that show, so head over there and check them out when you can!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004:
Pensive in Japan & Lollipop (Not a sucker)

It's a big announcement! Pensive is releasing Something About the Stars in Japan with the help of a great label, Bigmouth JPN. The official release date is set for April 24, 2004. We're really excited about this, and so are the folks Bigmouth JPN! Here's the translation from their Japanese website:

"Pensive, the band that shows so much confidence! These kind of great bands still exist! Their producer is Will Salazar, and they have a sorrowful melody that closely resembles The Ataris. Furthermore, a music video exclusively for the Japan release of this CD is attached!! I promise this'll be the hottest release of this year!!"

As you can see, they're just as pumped as we are about the release! If you want to see the announcement for yourself on the Bigmouth JPN site, we can link you, but be forewarned that it's written in Japanese! With that precaution, here's the link:

Bigmouth JPN

Also, check out the latest issue of the premiere alterna-rock magazine called Lollipop, well known for releasing an MP3 compilation CD with each issue. In Issue 64, you can find Pensive's song "The 3rd of July," straight from the new EP Something About the Stars, on the disc included. Check it out at your local bookstore or magazine stand, or whatever you kids have in your crazy little towns.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004:
New Pictures & High School Shows

Last Friday we played a show at Granite Hill High School during the lunch hour and had a great time! Everyone there was really supportive and there were some enthusiastic kids out there that made it really fun. We just posted pictures from that show for everyone to enjoy.

Here's some great new that came as a result of that show. If you go to high school in Southern California, we'd like to play at your school too! Talk to your school's ASB coordinator or entertainment representative, or the proper advisor at your school about getting Pensive to play at lunch! The only requirement is that your school has to have some sort of staging area (indoor or outdoor) with electricity so we can plug in! Pretty simple. If they like the idea, send us an e-mail letting us know what school you go to, what city your school is in, the name of the person you talked to, and a number and/or email address to get in touch with that person about playing at lunch. If everything goes right, we'll be seeing you soon!