Tuesday, January 30, 2007:
The Ides Of March Is Upon Us

Ok, so you might think "the ides of March" is a phrase foreboding doom, especially if you're a fan of Shakespeare's play Julius Ceasar. Yeah, Ceasar was assassinated on the ides of March in 44 BC, but since then only good things have happened on the middle date of the great month of March! True, "ides" just means "middle" ... beware the middle of March just doesn't have the same ring to it!

So the middle of March is looking good for Pensive! March 15th we'll be in Austin TX for our first visit ever to the monster music festival South By Southwest, and we can't wait! You can find show details right here on the website in the EVENTS section, but if you'll be kickin' it in Austin, the entire day of bands at The Chuggin' Monkey is free with no badge required, so come hang with us, we'll be there!

Not going to Austin? Well, there are options. We'll be on the road for five weeks, hitting more than a dozen states, starting March 1st. If you live below the snow line in the US, you might just catch us LOL! Fair weather boys that we are, we're not trusting mother nature until about June, and won't venture too far north until then.

Check EVENTS often, or watch our tour schedule on our MySpace profile, and come out to a show. Our new album, Artifacts, is coming this summer, but we'll be playing some NEW tunes on the March tour. Don't miss 'em!

Luv y'all, and we'll be around ....