Sunday, October 13, 2002:

We just added video from our last show with Death on Wednesday, Lucky 7 and Pivit, so go check it out!

We are currently still searching for a drummer and a bassist. Yes, the rumors are true, Jared Marshall has left the band. We are currently holding auditions, so if you or anyone you know can play the drums or the bass let us know. Once the band is reformed, we will return to playing shows. We'll keep you up to date.

Sunday, October 27, 2002:
The Little Things...

Good Charlotte in the news title! So we've been playing with a few drummers and a bassist or five, and we're feeling very optimistic about finding the right people for the band. Give it a couple of weeks and we may have a drummer and maybe even a bassist! Nevertheless, if you have a referral to pass along, you know the drill. E-mail us at and let us know who you know.

For those of you in the Street Team, we have a new contest up for October! If you're going to enter, hurry since it's over in a week! It's on the exclusive page for the Street Team, so login and check it out! Also, we decided to remove the exclusive Street Team section of the message board since we were having a lot of problems maintaining access for our members and such.

For those of you who haven't bought our EP yet, you now can buy it three ways, and you will, or else. Anyway, you can purchase it online at CD Baby or Interpunk, or you can buy it through our website in the Merchandise section! If you live in San Diego, you can always grab it at your local Music Trader, so there's really four ways. Buy it. Now.

Keep checking back for news on a drummer!