Friday, October 3, 2003:
Show Pictures Posted

We just got done adding the show pictures from the show at The Scene on Tuesday, September 30th! The show went really well, and the pictures turned out great too! Head over to the Pictures section and click on Show Pictures to find them. Also, if you attended the show and were in the front on the rail, you might be in one of the pictures we took! Check out the Friends & Fans section for those pictures!

If you live in or around San Diego, don't forget about our next two shows! Thursday, November 6 at The Scene with Catch 22 and Slick Shoes, and November 8 at Coors Ampitheatre for Unwritten Law's Ganesh Fest!

Friday, October 10, 2003:
Mailing List Signup & Street Team Problems


In the last couple of days starting October 6th, we stopped receiving mailing list signups, merchandise orders, street team signups, street team reports, and street team requests from the website. Something was changed on the server side (yay for Gearhost!) and we stopped getting everything. All of the forms are working again, so here's the deal:


That's pretty much it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's working now.

Thursday, October 16, 2003:
Pictures and Website Info

First things first, we just added 10 pictures from the video shoot for The 3rd of July, so head over to the Pictures Section ASAP and check those out! We're still finishing production work on the video, but it's nearing it's final cycle and we'll be posting it for your viewing pleasure in the near future!

Speaking of viewing pleasure, the website will have a new look in the coming weeks. Sean's going to be working on it every day, so if you encounter problems, feel free to drop him a thousand more messages on the message board or somewhere you can reach him. I'm sure he'll get the picture. In any event, we're pretty confident that everyone will be happy with the new site, so stick around and check out the action!

Also, a quick reminder about the two shows coming up in November. The Scene on November 6 with Catch 22 and Slick Shoes is going to a steal for $10! The doors open at 6:30 and we play at 7:00, so don't be late! The word on the streets says that if you're in line at 6:25, you get a free Pensive button! Tell all of your friends and bring the numbers! Let's have some fun! Also, two days later at Coors Amphitheatre is Ganeshfest 2003! Unwritten Law, Pivit, Agent 51, Underminded, Hornswaggled, and a bunch of awesome bands will be playing as well, so don't miss out! More information at Unwritten