Tuesday, October 23, 2007:
San Diego ... We're Thinking About You During the Fires!

We are heading to the opposite coast, but our thoughts and hearts are in San Diego with all our friends and family members going through the horrible fires all over San Diego county! We wish we were there with you to help you through such a scary and difficult experience. It's really hard to be away and try to get news about the fires, and to stay in touch with all of you to know you are ok!

Back in 2003 we were there when the horrible fire storm happened in San Diego and we had to evacuate, and flames came all the way to the curb of our house before we were saved! We remember how bad that felt and we are hoping that all of you escape these fires without having to go through any of that!

Everyone be safe! We can't wait to get back to San Diego and see all of you again!