Sunday, November 12, 2006:
After Six Months of Touring, We're Inspired!

Wow, the past six months have been amazing touring more than 25 states, playing more than a hundred shows, meeting more new friends than we even imagined! Traveling from state to state was a blast, we really enjoyed visiting new places, seeing how different things are outside California, and learning how friendly y'all are out there! Thanks to all of you who have sheltered us along the way, offered your homes, fed us, and made us feel welcomed. And a really big thanks to all of you who came out to the shows to hear a new band, gave us a chance, and bought our merch to keep us going to the next town!

We've got a lot of new inspiration for songs, and writing new material is the focus now, but we'll be back on the road in 2007, with NEW SONGS, and we can't wait to see every one of you again. So stay in touch, drop comments, write messages, we'll get back to you.

<3 U