Monday, November 3, 2008:
Pensive's "Bad Luck" Tour!

Notice something strange about our tour schedule? A disappearing act maybe? Something Criss Angel could be proud of hahaha!

Indeed, it's true ... the last three dates of our national tour were cancelled today, we won't be hitting Greenville SC, Dalton GA, or Lawrenceville GA afterall.

This is with great regret, because those stops are always some of our best when we're on the road. Frankly, "southern hospitality" is a real thing, just in case you've never visited the south you can trust us on that! That's right our southern friends, "all y'all" know how to rock!

Well, our fake southern accents aren't the best, but we do love to say "y'all," there's definitely a good logic about that word!

Ok, so the reasons you ask? Well, too many to list. Read that subject line again, this has been our "bad luck" tour! But, of the three remaining venues, two had to cancel the shows, but no names needed! It's very hard for us to stay out on the road with no income, waiting for just one more show though! Times are tough for everyone, and it's always hard on the road for a touring band when it can't sell merch and collect some ticket money!

But hey, it's especially tough for us right now because we are without Patrick! He fell at the venue in Chicago ten days ago, and broke his ankle pretty badly. He needed surgery with pins and plates to put it back together again, and he is under strict doctor's orders for bed rest back in San Diego. Pensive really isn't the same without him, we're not a three piece band, even though we've kept going, trying to do our best!

So, we're sorry Greenville, Dalton, and Lawrenceville, this sucks!! BUT you know we'll be back, we always are!

In the meantime, please keep in touch on MySpace, and please send Patrick best wishes for a quick recovery!

AND ... El Cajon! Home sweet home! YOU WILL STILL SEE US ON THE 22nd!

Thursday, November 20, 2008:
The PENSIVE THREE DAY Fun-O-Rama Begins Saturday!

3-2-1-blastoff! The awesome PENSIVE THREE DAY fun-o-rama begins this Saturda November 22nd!

Day One is Saturday @ Channel 1225, it's the rock 'em sock 'em leg-breaking event of the year LOL! Patrick emerges from his isolation chamber not to be stopped from greatness by a leg cast! Maybe a little cast signing party is in order after the show, huh?

Day Two is Sunday! Watch the world famous holiday Mother Goose Parade careen down Main Street in El Cajon with your Pensive friends right from the front door of Channel 1225, then eat some BBQ goodies courtesy of Celebrity Chef Julio Childs!! Not to be confused with Julia Childs. Top Ten Pre-Sale Ticket Sellers get the secret session after the BBQ!

Day Three is Monday @ Granite Hills High School, 7 PM in the GYM! Three bands, all for charity. Students and non-students welcome, just five bucks gets you in the door!

Let's get the party started Saturday, we'll see y'all soon! Just check our TOUR section right here on the website for all the details ....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008:
These Memories Are All You Need

2008 is heading into the “holiday season.” We’re making plans for 2009, and we can’t wait to get back on the road to see you! As this year winds down, our hearts are full of the wonderful memories we made this year with all our friends and fans everywhere across this great United States. After so many shows this year, in some small town in America, we sat around a table in a little diner eating at 2 AM and said time and time again, “that was one of the best shows we’ve ever played!”

In every town you came out to the show with a bunch of your friends. You crowded up to the stage. You sang every song. You made us feel welcome. You brought us cookies and brownies, homemade drawings, bracelets, t-shirts … more gifts than we can count! You gave us a place to stay in your homes, and fed us too! Thank you all for keeping Pensive alive and well another year!

And this year we are especially grateful for our amazing Street Team, Strictly Pensive, and to our hometown fans who created it and built it into something much more than just kids who pass out flyers for local shows. Strictly Pensive “walks the street team walk” we like to say. They do whatever it takes to make things happen. And they welcome everyone. They are building a big, big team! Saying thank you to our Strictly Pensive family is too few words to express the love and gratitude we feel. You lift us up!

For the next few weeks, as the year winds down, you will all be in our hearts. Patrick’s leg is healing, and he can’t wait to get back on stage in the New Year rocking with all of you once again. And to Berwyn Illinois, don’t worry, you aren’t jinxed! When you fall off a horse, you know the saying, you have to get right back on. So that broken leg might have happened there, but we all can’t wait to get back to Berwyn in triumph over fate! So you will see us soon!

As we will see all y’all, as we like to say whenever we’re in the South! But hey, doesn’t that phrase just make a whole lot of sense?

Stay in touch, don’t be strangers! We’re writing new songs, and we can’t wait to show you a few next year!

<3 U!