Tuesday, November 17, 2009:
Get Your BFFs Something “Pensive” For The Holidays!

In the merry land of Pensive we are definitely in the Holiday Spirit! The Official Pensive Store is in its full and finest holiday décor and we invite you to stop by for a fun little shopping trip! Everything we sell on tour is in the Store just waiting to become a fantastic surprise for all your fave friends and family when you give them something very “pensive” for the holidays! We have great deals on everything we sell, but you can’t beat our “Happy Deals” for just plain cheap prices, including our “Holiday Happy Deal” – FIVE copies of our full length album Artifacts for just $30!! You do have five friends don’t you??

But we’re not stopping with great prices, we’re throwing in the shipping on top of it all. Free Shipping on all orders until December 19th!!

And finally a secret little surprise just for you … well it won’t be a secret now because we’re telling you, BUT get a free custom Pensive beaded necklace or key chain during the Holiday Special!

So click on MERCH right here on our website and go to the Pensive Store, and we’ll get our little elves busy ….