Monday, December 20, 2004:
Happy Holidays

We just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and we hope you're all having a great holiday season so far. We'll be posting some big changes to the site, and some big news around the New Year, so check back soon. Until then, have a great 2004!

Friday, December 31, 2004:
We're Gonna Update Like It's 2005

Lots of big news to announce, so let's jump right in:

First and foremost, it's official. Web Boy Sean has now become a full-time member of the band. You can still call him whatever you want, but his name really is Sean. And now that it is official, we've updated the photos around the site, added his bio, and updated the F.A.Q. so that everyone knows what's going on. Feel free to cruise around the site and check out some of the new artwork.

Next, we're really excited to let everyone know that "The 3rd of July" will appear on the upcoming Drive-Thru Records/ compilation called something like, "Bands you love, have heard of, and should know..." Of course, we're one of those bands you love, have heard of, and well, since you're here, you obviously know us. The album will be released Tuesday, February 8 in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Japan, so save up your allowance and get ready to buy that sucker because from all of the bands we've heard about that will be on it, we think it's going to be a great album.

We've got a lot of shows in the works for 2005 already, so check the EVENTS page as often as you can to see if we'll be in your area sometime soon. We'll be updating it as each show is confirmed, so we really mean it when we say check often. No joke. Go check right now, even.

Finally, you've all spent a ton of money on Christmas, no doubt, but there are some awesome Winter Specials going on in our merch section. Where else can you find a shirt AND a CD for ten bucks? Right here, of course. There's actually three different specials, so head over there and check them out to see which one you like best!

That's it for the news, so have a cool 2004. It's over in about 12 hours! Happy New Year, kids.