Wednesday, December 31, 2008:
Wow! Hasta La Vista 2008!

Patrick here! It’s been a while since I last put finger tips to keyboard and typed up some 1s and 0s for y’all and I figure what better time than now. I mean, it’s the dawning of a new year after all. 2009 is hours away, if my sources are to be believed. The ball’s about to drop in Times Square (well the replay of it out here in Western Time), and magically all is new. Fascinating how we humans find meaning in the particular Thursday about to begin isn’t it? 2008 kicked our collective butts a bit now didn’t it? Good thing we will wake up optimistic and renewed in 2009!

Ok, I hate to sound so hackneyed right off the bat, but last year literally slipped out from under me. You'd be surprised how quickly you lose track of time when you've been sentenced to bed rest by the fickle finger of fate. It feels as if November and December existed as a tangent to reality. Obviously happening but somehow out of the normal stream of time. As if perhaps once I got my ankle back in working order I would just slip right back into Chicago circa late October 2008. Well my friends, 2008 is gone so obviously that ain't gonna be happening!

But hey, my ankle is healed, as is the human psyche as the clock strikes twelve, time zone after time zone. Y’all are ready to rock 2009 right??? And we can’t wait to be a big part of that rocking out thing that’s gonna be this awesome new year. Think “Michael Phelps” kind of year. Bye bye big bad economy, you’re going down! Or would that be up?

So … yeah, I hope y’all had a lovely holiday season and that this year is full of all sorts of goodness for all of us! I know some huge things are in the works behind the curtain in the Pensive world so hold tight for some announcements that will rock your world . . . Coming Soon . . .