Thursday, February 13, 2003:
Lots of BIG news!!

Pensive is finally a full band again! The lineup is set with Julio still singing lead and playing guitar, Pat still all over the stage and playing guitar as well, Kevin "Stone" Dennis joins as our new four-stringer, and Mike Levinson is now tearing up the drums. We'll be posting Kevin's bio and Mike's bio along with the new website this Spring, but if you check around the website right now you might find a picture or two.

We just finished up two new songs at Capricorn Studios, and you can see pictures on the Pensive Pics section of the Picture Viewer! Anyway, back to the songs. One, a cover of Christie Road from Green Day's Kerplunk! album, will be released on a Green Day tribute album in April or May. Other artists on the album include New Found Glory, The Starting Line, and Rivers Cuomo (without Weezer) all covering their favorite Green Day songs. The other song we recorded was one of our own. When The Fire Burns Brightest will be available to our fans as soon as the packaging is complete. You'll be able to grab one of these at our next show, which we're booking right now, so keep checking back for more info, or sign up for the mailing list and be the first to know about the next Pensive show!

Finally, we'll be re-entering the studio in April to record the next Pensive album. We're practicing like crazy and the songs are starting to sound really solid, so things should turn out awesome. Mike will be co-producing the album with Chris Lewis, and they know their stuff, so this recording is going to rock!

Things are shaping up and we're prepping for a kick ass year with a new lineup and a new album to fuel some energetic shows.