Monday, February 18, 2008:
Our Winter Tour Ends ... Baby, It's Coooold Outside!

Ok, we may have learned a valuable lesson ... winter touring is for the birds, particularly penguins! We called it the Snowphobia tour, and thought we we're keeping things well below the proverbial snow line, but you can't fool mother nature. We were chased by tornadoes in Birmingham Alabama, chilled by the wind to 20 degrees below zero in Louisville Kentucky, and literally frozen out of our trailer in Murfreesboro Tennessee when ice encased our locks! We were saved only by a handy dandy Zippo lighter. Oh, did we mention, we all got the flu?

Yes, we admit it, we're spoiled by our awesome San Diego So Cal weather, we build fires in the house when it's 40 degrees at night LOL! But truth be told, we wouldn't trade this tour for the three weeks of sunny 75 degree days we missed, because we had a blast spending time with all of you!

Thanks to everyone who opened your homes to us, and gave us a friendly place to spend a night along the way. Thanks for all the smiles, the hugs, the singalongs, and your home remedies too!

Can't wait to see all of you again in the very warm Spring.