Sunday, February 22, 2009:
Our Fans Are Better Than Your Fans!

We're a bit arrogant about our fans, we admit it! Last night we celebrated Julio's birthday with a hometown show right here in Sunny San Diego, and we we're overwhelmed by the big turnout, the big noise, and the BIG LOVE!

Our kitchen is filled today with all the amazing food everyone brought to the show. We can't even take inventory, it would be a day long project LOL! Cookies, candy, cakes, pies, chips, chicken wings! You name it, it was there!

And our birthday boy was definitely spoiled by all the fantastic gifts, most with the theme for the night, THE JOKER! But also drawings, personal cards, photos. Really, we were all amazed but really moved by the generosity.

So to our fans ... you made last night's show so memorable, and a very worthy addition to the Pensive Show Hall of Fame. Actually, we need to make that list public!

LOVE YOU ALL. And that includes all y'all spread out across the US, we'll see as many of you as possible on our April tour, shows posted soon!