Thursday, February 11, 2010:
Cherie Amour, it’s February!

We’ve been hiding away down in Sunny San Diego, congratulating ourselves for a very wise decision we made last year not to do a winter tour LOL, while the rest of y’all have been digging out of snow banks! It was time for a little songwriting hibernation away from civilization, and we couldn’t have picked a better time to stay home for awhile looks like. The worst winter on record they say? Hmmm, just loving San Diego right now.

Ahh, but our gypsy hearts are nevertheless beating. Stay tuned, for indeed we emerge out into the world that is the long and winding road very soon. Watch for us on tour once again in April and May, all over the big beautiful USA, which by then we trust will be well defrosted! Shows will start appearing soon, so check back often for the stop in a town nearest you, and we’ll see you very very soon.

And San Diego, it all kicks off with you at The Epicentre Thursday March 25th, a show you will not want to miss. We’ll be celebrating Julio and Patrick’s wonderful 10 year adventure called Pensive! Yes indeed, it all started in Patrick’s garage 10 years ago, and we’re celebrating big time with some awesome prizes. And some NEW SONGS! A presale ticket will get you in the raffle drawing for those prizes, so hit us up and buy in advance.

<3 & Flowers Valentines!