Saturday, March 15, 2003:
New Single

Our new single When the Fire Burns Brightest is now available! We recorded the song here in San Diego at Capricorn Studios at the same time we recorded our cover of Christie Road for the Green Day tribute album. When the Fire Burns Brightest will also be included on our upcoming EP due out at the end of June. More details about the new EP will be revealed soon. Anyway, you can grab the new single for a buck on the website merch page. No extra shipping. No gimmicks. Just a friggin' dollar. That's a steal! Cruise over to our music page and check out a short sound clip and let us know what you think. Or don't. That's cool too.

Back to the subject of the EP, we'll be getting into the recording studio at the end of April. Right now we're practicing like crazy with all of the new songs. We've also added another producer for the EP. Will Salazar, formerly of Fenix TX and now of Denver Harbor, will be co-producing with his partner in crime Chris Lewis. They're kicking our asses and making us work really hard, so don't expect us to be playing shows anytime soon! Blame Will. It's all his fault.

Check back soon for more info on everything!