Monday, March 19, 2007:
Van Go!

Ahhh, the road rises up to meet us! Isn't that the famous Irish luck we've got going with us, Saint Patrick on board and all?

Well almost three weeks on the road, and we're having a blast meeting lots of new people all across the south, and by the south we mean all the states below the imaginary line stretching from ocean to ocean north of which snow could still fall! Although having just arrived in Alabama, that's probably the true south, no?

SXSW was a blast, our first time ever in Austin during the crazy fest, and we're definitely hooked. Can't wait to get back again next year, especially to get another awesome bratwurst from the cart on 6th Street! Yeah, all the bands were great, the streets were crawling with amazing fans, but wow, great food down there in Austin!

So hey, check out our tour schedule, more of the south to come, lots of great stops ahead. Love the southern charm and hospitality ... yeah that's all true!