Monday, March 17, 2008:
Pensive Has A Saint Patrick

Well Saint Patrick's Day means that the Spring touring season is about to begin and we're planning right now. We're really looking forward to getting back out on the road very soon!

We're feeling a little lucky today though ... usually we're on the road in March, and it's been many a March we've been in Texas. Rain, rain go away is what all of Texas is thinking right now!

And Atlanta is almost a home away from home for us, we've been there so many times. A tornado in downtown Atlanta is crazy!

Let's see, did we leave out the Midwest, buried in snow still? Y'all need to be thinking sunshine LOL.

So, we're still hiding out in So Cal, basking in the beautiful sunshine, just waiting for everything to calm down out there in the big beautiful USA! You'll see us in the Spring, with an awesome new tour we're planning right now, but we will drop this little hint ... it's gonna be a blast and it's gonna be bigger and better than ever!

G'day mates!

Sunday, March 30, 2008:
Spring Tour Starts May 22!

We’ve got it bad! Spring Fever! As much as we’re enjoying sunny San Diego after the Big Chill got hold of us on our Winter Tour, the road is calling. We’re counting down the days until May 22 when the Pensive Van fires up once again for another USA cross country trek. We’ll be all over the Southwest, the Midwest, the East Coast, and the South, finding all our loyal friends and looking for lots of new faces too. So check back often for TOUR DATES! They’ll be popping up soon.