Monday, March 1, 2010:
Who Is 67? Come See Us And You'll Know!

The wonder of March. Reborn from the frigid cold of winter. Well ... YOU have all been frigid, out there in the hinterlands of this great country of ours. We must confess, we have been quite comfortable in America's finest city. Nevertheless, we too indeed have been reborn out of the frigid cold, with that fire that can be felt but never described, bringing new songs to life! And we are in love.

So it's time to share. We are heading out once more to see the USA in our Chevrolet to spend some time with all of you. (Ok, those of you who know us well are aware that the Chevrolet van has been traded in for a Ford van, but we can't sacrifice the rhyme. Just dig that line!) So true, we'll be in a town near you. And yes, yes, yes ... playing new songs! Does it get any better than that? Tour dates will be posted very soon, just keep watching.

But there is even more new about Pensive, and you'll see it all with your own eyes when you next see us, and then you'll know just who is ... 67!