Monday, April 15, 2002:
Lots of news!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the show at The Scene, especially since it was a Thursday night! We wanted to congratulate PJ Ball on winning the Street Team contest for Blink / Green Day tickets that night, and also we'd like to congratulate the three mailing list members who won free CD's: Leslie Henriksen, Lindsay Nareisz, and Melanie Nelson! Hope we got those names spelled right, cause handwriting is kinda hard to read sometimes!

Next, we've got two more shows posted for you to check out! Hope to see you at both of them!

Third, our CD is now available at all San Diego County Music Traders, and you can also buy it online at CD Baby by clicking here.

Also, we'd like to add that you can now vote for your favorite Pensive song on the message board! You don't need to be a member of the message board either! Check out the poll!

Wednesday, April 24, 2002:
Pictures, Shows, Polls, Charts 'n Stuff

First things first, we finally posted pictures from the April 11th show for everyone to enjoy!

Second, we have a show on May 3rd! The show is going to be at The Scene, and it's with Nothing to Lose, Three Piece Scandal, and Short Spoken. Wear your Pensive shirt and make a lot of noise!

Third, we posted another poll on the message board. This one is another favorite song poll, but it's different. This time you get to vote for your favorite Pensive song that's NOT on the Kids These Days CD. Sounds good? Alrighty then, go vote!

After you vote on the poll, hop over to our site and listen to our songs! Everytime you listen to a song online it helps us move up the charts at!

Finally, you can go check out East County and see what they've got to offer for local music! All sorts of East County bands are starting to call this place home, so there's a lot of fun stuff going on over there!