Monday, April 7, 2003:
You know the routine...

Not too much news today, but there's a little bit we wanted to let everyone know about anyway. We're just about to get into the recordings studio with our new songs for the EP. Look for the EP to be out at the end of June or sometime around there. We're really excited and happy with the way things have been going, so we can't wait to share the new material with you! As of right now, we're not sure on what it will be titled, but we're always open for suggestions, so e-mail us with any good ideas you might have!

Sean was just here and he updated some stuff on the site. Kevin now has a bio for all of you girls who think he's "madd hott"! Also, the lyrics for When the Fire Burns Brightest are now available in the lyrics section. That's pretty much it, so check back soon for some more info on the EP and other cool stuff!