Sunday, April 4, 2004:
Welcome to Pensive 2K4 (haha, Sean's a nerd)

So hey, there's a new website, and it's not an April Fools joke. Cool, huh? It's STILL April 4th, although according to a few Street Team members, we're late anyway. It's here, so rejoice.

We're officially online at, so update those links! We've been working hard on this site, having fun and getting at each other's throats too (Web Boy Sean almost lost an eye), so we hope everyone will enjoy the new site (and all of the neat new features you'll be finding), because we sure do.

Over the next few days, we'll still be fine tuning the site, so if you find a problem, head over to the Contact section of the website, and use the Webmaster contact to let us know about it. You can also let us know if you like the new site, and what your favorite new feature is, while you're over there. We love hearing everyone's opinion!

Finally, all of you San Diego types: we'll see you at our upcoming shows Tuesday, April 6th at SDSU, and Saturday, April 17th at SOMA. Check out the Events section for details!

Keep it real, homies.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004:
Next Show in Las Vegas

We're excited that our next show is in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 15 to benefit the Shade Tree Shelter! Check out the Events Section for all of the details, and if you're from San Diego or Phoenix, don't be afraid to drive over there! People from both cities are already doing the same, so you wont be alone!

Check out the pictures from our last two shows in San Diego in both the Show Pictures section and the Fan Pictures section. There's a ton of cool shots from both shows, so enjoy!

We've updated the Fun Stuff in the Community Section to include a Pensive E-mail Service and Website Banners, so if you haven't been over there lately, visit again and see the new "fun stuff." If you have any suggestions for more cool things to add to the mix, let us know by using the band contact.

Last, but in no way least, we've added a Street Team preview for those of you who have been asking questions! The preview lets you know what the new Street Team area is all about and will help you decide if joining the Street Team is the right move for you.

Keep letting us know when you find little bugs in the new site. It helps Web Boy Sean earn his canings. Thanks a bunch!