Sunday, April 1, 2007:
No Fooling, We Were (Almost) Blown Away This Tour!

Well, four weeks on tour and counting! Weve been all the way to Georgia, turned around, and now were heading west again, tending toward home. As usual the South has been very good to us, we admit a weakness for that Southern charm and hospitality, not to mention grits with salt, sugar, and butter! Ok, Texas BBQ too but weve got a craving now for some So Cal style Mexican food, we miss tacos and burritos!

We miss that famous moderate San Diego weather too! This tour we thought wed avoid bad weather, and any freak spring snowstorms if we stayed out of the Midwest, but we were treated to the full glory of Mother Nature in Houston none the less. Lets see thunder, lightning, drenching downpour of rain, wind shaking the windows, a tornado warning, just the usual spring storm in Texas we hear! So its true, everything is bigger in Texas, because California does not do thunderstorms like that. We almost flew home from Texas courtesy of a funnel cloud! Ok, so we didnt actually see a tornado, but fair weather boys that we are, the warning was close enough for us. Texas, yall know how to rock n roll in more ways than one!

So, everyone, just a few more shows on the road, then we head into pre-production for our new album Artifacts, coming out this summer. Well be in the studio for awhile, then right back on the road to share all the new songs with you. Cant wait! The summer and fall tours well take us to a town near you, so keep watch for us and well see you soon.

Saturday, April 7, 2007:
The Best Is Yet To Come!

And we can't say it any better than that! Our tour was amazing! Five weeks flew by, we can't believe we woke up in our own beds today back in San Diego! We're feeling a little bit like Dorothy, was it all a dream?

Well, we discovered there's no better way to get inspiration for new songs than to tour across the country! Thanks to all of you who came out to see us, and made each show so much fun. And a really big thanks to everyone who shared their homes with us for a night, and gave us a place to stay and something to eat. One of the best parts of touring is discovering how many really nice people are out there in the world, we enjoyed getting to know all of you and we are looking forward to staying in touch and seeing everyone next tour!

And just when will that be? Look for us to hit the road again this summer with our new album, spreading the good Pensive word. We're eager to get back on the road already, we can't wait to share these new songs with all y'all!

Until then don't be strangers ....