Friday, April 3, 2009:
The Life We Love Is Making Music On Tour!

We’re stoked to be back on the road again! We’re crazy gypsies roaming the countryside eager to get to the next place to play, and we hope you’ll be there when we arrive!

This is our first tour in five months, since we’ve been sidelined after Patrick fell and broke his ankle on our Fall Tour last year. He might have metal plates and pins in his leg now, but you’ll never know it by looking at him, we guarantee your very favorite over the top Patrick performances night after night!

And hey, all you Chicago types, we’re not superstitious, we’re heading right back your way to the scene of the crime. Getting right back on the horse as they say, we’ll be rockin and rollin at Nite Light Café, one of our many stops along the way. Let’s hope Patrick’s déjà vu doesn’t kick in too bad!

But there’s more, so check our calendar because we’ll be in a town near you. Come see us! Scream, twist, shout. Say hello. Hang out.


Friday, April 17, 2009:
Now: Pensive THE BAND NEXT DOOR Reality Series!

We are so excited to announce our new Reality Series, The Band Next Door! It’s going to be eight episodes of behind the scenes intimate looks at our lives off stage! Each Friday starting today, April 17th, you’ll find a new webisode on The Pensive YouTube Channel
beginning with Episode One, “Pensive v. Food,” a crazy band eating challenge at our favorite burger joint here in So Cal, In & Out Burger.

Some of the future episodes visit “The Pensive House,” or give you the 411 on all the drama surrounding Patrick’s broken ankle on tour last year. One will take you behind the scenes at a sold out San Diego show, and in another you’ll go to the Imperial Valley Fair with us, where we play a show then go up against the carnies!

But there's even more than that, including Julio’s visit back to TJ, land of his birth! So we hope you watch and tell your friends to watch too. And hey, while you’re at the Pensive Channel, be sure to watch our music video for our song "Live Fast," which was directed by award winning film student Drew Renaud. Trust us, when you see it, you won’t think he’s a student, it's just too good!

And don’t forget to check all our YouTube Favorites there too, videos from Pensive fans everywhere!

Hope you love us off stage as well as on, let us know what you think!