Thursday, April 1, 2010:
Tour Time!

Ahh Springtime, we do love it when the country finally thaws out so we can venture out of our little sunny corner of the world once again to commence that gypsy thing we do. The White Mamba is gassed up and just chomping at the bit to hit the road again, so yes … it is that time of year again, Tour Time!

April 23 is the big day we kick things off big time in our favorite home away from home venue, The Stir in Safford AZ. Always awesome times in Safford, so if you live anywhere nearby, say Phoenix or Tucson, get ready for a road trip, we promise it will be worth the drive!

We’re taking a bit of a different tack this time around. Yes we’ll be hitting some of our fave Midwest towns, so don’t despair, we’re indeed returning to the scene of many previous crimes hahaha. Grand Rapids! Our hearts are skipping beats, y’all know how much we LUV Mixtape Cafe and all our GR friends and fans! We’ve been everywhere man, as Johnny Cash says, and there ain’t much better out there than YOU! And if you don’t know the story behind Patrick’s broken ankle at The Nite Light in Berwyn IL be sure to catch Episode Three of our YouTube Reality Series “Pensive The Band Next Door” for a great re-enactment if we do say so ourselves.

Bonus time! We’re hooking up with two amazing Midwest bands for all of the May portion of the tour, so all y’all who catch us in May are in for a triple treat. Lynhurst is from Minneapolis, 12 Track Radio is from Grand Rapids, and they both rock big time, so check ‘em out asap. Girls, the guys are hot what can we say. Guys, Lynhurst has a girl drummer, so get out to a show! Wow.

But, fanfare please because we’re definitely psyched … its been a very long time since we’ve headed into the great Northwest on tour. We’re hitting some first time states, like Idaho, and returning to Washington after way too long an absence! Ah yes we do love Seattle, we can’t help ourselves. We’re heading to the Wharf first thing for some yummy clam chowder at Ivar’s! Yes, we have a Seattle food fetish, can’t wait! If we weren’t a bit wimpy from our San Diego sunshine we’d probably all move to your fair but rainy city. Patrick’s says he’s going to anyway LOL! So loving big time that we’re heading your way again.

We’ll finish things up in Cali of all places, we may be craving a little sunshine by then, let’s see if y’all treat us well weather-wise this time around, no tornados please, we’re definitely fair weather friends!