Tuesday, May 18, 2004:
Back from Vegas!

We had a great time in Vegas! We had a lot of fun at the show, especially seeing APHQ, the Arizona Pensive Headquarters kids who came all the way from Phoenix! So here's a special thanks to Brittany, Heidi, Tracey, Cameron, and Kyle! You guys are awesome!

Julio lost all his money playing poker, Jason and Julio did some bungy jumping, Pat hung out at the pool... and a whole bunch of fun stuff happened. It was a nice little vacation!

Check out and enjoy pictures from the show in both the Show Pics and the Friends & Fans sections. Watch for show updates coming soon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004:

Our new CD Something About the Stars was released in Japan on Big Mouth Records on April 24th, and we want to thank all our fans there for buying it! If you live in Japan, and haven't bought Something About the Stars yet, you can get a copy at Tower Records, HMV, Virgin Mega Store, Disk Union, Tahara, Tsutaya, and Wave. And we love hearing from you in Japan, so keep writing e-mails and letting us know how you like our songs! Don't know the address? Well, you can write to us at pensivepunk@aol.com. And we promise we'll write back.

And don't forget, anyone can buy our CDs from our website MERCH section, where you can order by mail or with a credit card on PayPal. We ship anywhere in the world. Right now we have an awesome merch special: Something About the Stars and a Pensive t-shirt for $10! You can't beat that! Ordering is easy, so go check it out!

And for everyone who has been enjoying our bungy jumping pictures, don't worry, they still exist! You can find them in the BAND PICTURES section from now on!