Wednesday, May 2, 2007:
Music Is Fun!

It's great to get out of bed every morning and go to work when work is writing songs! We're having a blast working on the new album and really just jumping out of our skins with excitement to share it with you! The schedules are all falling into place, so you can count on a few things ...

Artifacts will be released September 4th, and we'll hit the road on tour September 7th. Look for us everywhere, because we aren't coming back home until the middle of December! It won't be long before we start posting show dates, so just keep watching, then mark your calendar and start putting away a few bucks here and there to pick up Artifacts. We promise you'll love it!

Monday, May 28, 2007:
If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On

Wow, time flies when youíre having fun! Just a silly idiom you say? Not at all. We think weíre living proof. We canít believe the last three weeks have flown by since we last checked in with you guys! Our new songs have swallowed us up and kept us in a time warp it seems Ö.

What are the new songs like you ask? Hmmm Ö here are a few hints. Less punk more rock. Melody is the new emotion. Shakespeare knew something about the English language. The pogostick is dead, long live the dance on fire.

And donít miss your chance to voice your opinion about the disc art for the new CD! Head over to our MySpace profile Pictures Section and you'll find four different versions of the disc artwork. Vote for the one you like best by leaving the word "VOTE," or by leaving a comment that lets us know it's your favorite. And feel free to leave comments about more than one version if you so desire. We like all four versions and we canít decide, so tell us what you think. And send your friends over to help us out as well.

So, itís over and out for now Ö we feel a new song coming on!