Tuesday, June 1, 2010:
Tour Was A Blast But Home Sweet Home Is … Warm!

Wow, what an amazing month out and about the good ol’ USA! We thought we held out until Spring to appease our snowphobic tendencies, but the weather gods had some surprises for us. Yes we did expect the thunder storms and tornado warnings in the Midwest, we’re old hands with that kind of thing lol, but Colorado you definitely surprised us with the snowstorm in the middle of May! But hey, we decided for the first time in many many tours to hit the Western US on our way back home and we hit some fantastic scenery along the way, breathtaking really, so we’re gonna say digging the van and trailer out of a snow drift or two was worth it!

But more than anything we loved meeting a lot of new friends in the new cities we had never played, thanks to all of you along the way who came out to the shows and especially those of you who opened up your homes and gave us a place to stay, we’re really grateful.

And wonderful San Diego, yes we appreciate you all over again, just like we always do when we get home after a long time away! 70 degree weather, yes indeed very nice. So help us celebrate and come out to The Epicentre on Friday June 11, ok? Awesome lineup, good time guaranteed!