Monday, June 20, 2011:
Welcome Summer

Yes it seems odd to welcome summer here in San Diego. And yes, it feels about the same as it always does ... warm. And a further yes, we have heard from many of you wondering why we haven't been on tour yet this year, and will we tour this summer perhaps?

Perhaps is indeed the operative word! We think the most important thing for us to do right now is write music. The economy's downturn impacted our touring last year significantly, and we think it may be the same for the rest of this year. Many venues that we used to play in have closed their doors, or have reduced their show dates to weekends only, and that makes national touring very difficult. Even many fans have fewer dollars to spend on shows and merch! Bands like ours need to make enough money at each show to continue traveling to the next one on tour, and last time we went out, under the heavy recession, it was a very tough time.

So, we are watching the economy, and staying in touch with friends and fans across the country, seeing how thing's are going, and if the time seems right soon, we will consider our next tour.

Until then, we're enjoying songwriting, exploring new things, and always happy to hear from you on Facebook, so go drop us an update about you right now!

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