Monday, July 1, 2002:

I don't think anyone ever really reads back in the news, but if they did, they'd be reading this sentence right now. Way to go. (P.S. This wasn't posted on June 31st of 2002. You do the math.)

Thursday, July 18, 2002:
Last chance for the last garage show!

Hey, the No Motiv show was a lot of fun, thanks to all of you who made it out to support us. You were awesome! Check out a show review on Also, check out the video clips we've added from the show.

Our last garage show is tomorrow night. It'll be the end of a great Pensive tradition. To those of you who have supported us since the early days in the garage, thanks so much, and we hope to see you for the last big garage bash.

Also, if you haven't already noticed, there's now a live poll on our homepage! Thanks to Red for setting that up for us. Have fun with it guys! If you have any ideas for poll questions, be sure to let us know!