Thursday, July 3, 2003:
Happy July 3rd!

As a tribute to the first track on Something About the Stars, we're wishing you all a happy 3rd of July! We're even giving you presents! Go look in the pictures section for some goofy outakes from a recent photo shoot for the album photos!

And speaking of tributes, all of the information about the Green Day Tribute Album, which includes Pensive's cover of Christie Road, now has it's own little page. You can click on the icon up above to get a little overview of the album and a track listing of all the songs and artists covering them.

Finally, we added the second track on Something About the Stars, "Another Unknown Tragedy," to our website. It should be up tomorrow, so go check it out and let us know what you think! We're leaving 3rd of July permanently on the site, but Another Unknown Tragedy will be replaced with the third track off of the album next week, so hear it while you can!

Friday, July 11, 2003:
We're Still About You

Another week has gone by, and another song from the new album is being posted to our site. Another Unknown Tragedy will be on the site until Midnight tonight, so listen to it while you can! After that, it will be taken down to make way for the new track from Something About the Stars, "I'm Still About You."

Keep playing The 3rd of July too! As of today it's ranked #5 on the top streams worldwide Pop Punk Charts for That's a huge breakthrough and we're really excited! Thanks to everyone who's been playing the song! To see for yourself how far up the charts we've moved because of YOU, go to and click on the Listen link at the top. Then, using the Sub-Genres drop down box thingy, go into the Alternative Charts, then the Punk Charts, and finally, the Pop Punk Charts. It's an adventure in itself! Don't get lost!

If you get lost, here ya go: Pensive on the Pop Punk Charts at

Saturday, July 19, 2003:

Once again, another week has gone by, and we're putting up the fourth song from SATS, "Soledad." This one's extra special, so be sure to check it out as soon as it's up! I'm Still About You made it all the way in to the top 10 on the top streams worldwide Pop Punk Charts for, so let's see if we can't do the same for Soleded!

The 3rd of July has been sitting steady at #1 on the same chart for a few days now, so don't stop playing it either! Thanks to you guys we finally jumped from #3 to #1, passing up Bowling For Soup and those crazy Canadians, Sum 41! We're really excited to see the song making it's way up all of the different charts, so check them all out and see if you can spot us!

And once again, here's a link directly to the Pop Punk Chart: Pensive on the Pop Punk Charts at

We're still working hard on getting everything done for Something About the Stars. There have been a few delays, but it will be out before Summers' end for sure, so hang in there!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003:
Good News & Bad News

Bad news first? Well, as you've all noticed the entire website is pretty much flaking out on us. The Street Team page has ceased working, the mailing list forms don't seem to be working, and basically everything interactive designed to make YOUR life easier on the Pensive website has stopped working completely. This has nothing to do with us, but more on the side of our website host, who keeps changing software and screwing up our programs. Fun stuff, isn't it? Not really.

Temporary Street Team assignment: E-mail Gearhost and tell them they suck. 100 points.

Anyway, continuing with the bad news, the e-mail forms aren't working, as mentioned above. This means that if you've signed up in the past 24 hours, there's a chance that we might not have gotten anything from you. One more time, since most of you wont read it unless it's in caps: IF YOU'VE SUBMITTED ANYTHING IN THE PAST 24 HOURS FOR THE MAILING LIST OR THE STREET TEAM SIGN UP, WE MOST LIKELY DON'T HAVE IT.

Yes, we realize this sucks. There's nothing we can do about it short of making Sean work his ass off all night to find some sort of solution, which he'll do anyway because a lot of his websites are down now too.

So here's your solution for the time being. If you want to sign up for the MAILING LIST or the STREET TEAM, click here and find out the temporary alternative.

So that's it for the bad news! Wait, that's not true either. also sucks. Why? The charts have not been updated in four days and Pensive has dropped off the charts because all of your plays aren't being added. What does that mean? GO TO THE PENSIVE SITE AT MP3.COM AND PLAY THE SONGS TWICE AS MUCH! When the charts come back, all of the plays will register and we'll be right where they left us. Right? Let's hope!

So now, GOOD NEWS!

The album will be coming out at the end of August. We're almost done with artwork (it looks so cool!) and we're trying to round up some distribution too, and it all takes time. Way too much as far as you guys are concerned, but it will be out soon enough.

Other than that, January Embers, the fifth song from Something About the Stars, should be up on sometime this weekend (provided they aren't sucking...), so keep your eyes open for it!

Yes, that really is all of the news. Stop reading now.