Monday, July 19, 2004:
Just Another LONG Update, But Read it Anyway...

The SOMA Show was awesome! The crowd was AMAZING and we had a great time playing with Fall Out Boy and friends. Hope you were there, but in case you missed the insanity, check out the pictures! Remember, there's Friends & Fans pictures as well as the Show pictures, so don't forget to check those out too!

If you check out the pictures and notice some distinct differences in the lineup, you're dillusional and should seek medical attention. Actually, Kevin has left the band. A new bass player is still in the works, but in the meantime, your favorite web-guru, Web Boy Sean, will be filling in on bass and providing some vocal stylings behind Julio. You'll also notice that Jason isn't playing drums at this show! For the next couple of months, Jasons's going to be very busy with his other band, The Stranger's Six, and our friend Joe Chavanu will be his temporary replacement. Fret not, Jason will be back in the near future.

So... HEY! Don't forget about the upcoming shows at The Whisky in L.A., Arizona Mills in Tempe, and a handful of shows as we make our way east to New York in late-August. The action never stops when Pensive is on the prowl. Haha, that sounded like some weird punchline from an 80's action flick.

Something About the Stars is also now being played on local San Diego radio stations 91X and 94/9. Both stations have shows set up for local artists that air on Sundays. 91X's Loudspeaker runs from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and The Local 94/9 is live from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, so listen to and request Pensive on both stations as much as possible!

Last, but certainly not least, Pensive's EP Something About the Stars has been reviewed in Kerrang! Magazine, England's version of Alternative Press (or something like that). This is our first "legitimate" press review in a real magazine with pages made from trees, so we're pretty happy about that. You can read the review in the MEDIA section, or go buy a copy for yourself from your local bookstore.

Other than all of this, check back soon for more information about the tour!

Friday, July 30, 2004:
Phoenix is scared of us...

The Phoenix curse has struck again. The Arizona Mills show scheduled for August 1st... is no longer scheduled. This is the second show we've setup in Phoenix, or Arizona for that matter, that has been "struck down" by "those in authority" over things "like that." Basically, what we're trying to say is that we were all for the show, and the mall was unable to fulfill our requests for no brown M&M's by the 3:30 deadline today. It's really not that hard. Okay, so there were just some unavoidable logistical problems on their end that popped up out of nowhere, and ultimately cause the show to be postponed.

They're promising a re-scheduled date in September, and we're asking for twice as many M&M's this time, so hang tight and we'll get you guys a date sometime soon. We really want to play in Arizona!

Anyway, getting down to the normal business, the pictures from our show at The Whisky have been posted in both the Show Pics section and the Friends & Fans section. There are some really cool shots in this batch, so enjoy!

We've confirmed two more shows for the New York area. August 21st at Arlene's Grocery and August 31st at the world famous CBGB. We're extremely excited to have these shows on board! Head over to the EVENTS section to get the latest and greatest details on these shows! Also, watch for even more shows to be added soon.

If you want to keep up on Pensive's tour antics, Pat & Sean are giving the play-by-play on just about everything that happens out on the road, and we mean everything. It's definitely interesting, especially when they argue between themselves. Joe and Julio may get involved in the reporting action too, so head over to the MESSAGE BOARD and check it out, and leave your thoughts about the tour and tour dates in the "Comment-A-Rium" for all to enjoy.