Tuesday, July 14, 2009:
Summer So Far You Ask?

June and July have been amazing! Jeremy’s High School graduation show on June 6th right here at home in San Diego was a blast, one of our best ever! Wow how about that “kiss shirt” hmmm? Now that was a good graduation present, he can’t stop talking about it LOL! Thanks to all Jeremy’s fans (of the female persuasion we think) for leaving big bright pink lipstick kisses on his favorite tee shirt, that thing’s getting framed hahaha!

Oh yeah, the NARM Convention was in San Diego this year. NARM you say? What is this NARM thing? The National Association of Recording Merchandisers. That’s a mouthful. Well, they’re your friendly neighborhood music sellers basically. Even your friendly internet music sellers. Music sellers are NARM. There you go. So we got a chance to play at the convention, at the NARM@NIGHT showcases. Really amazing, that was a lot of fun, especially seeing Sugar Ray play, definitely one of our influences, got us thinking about being in a band way back when ….

So, the Summer Tour was fantastic, what can we say but thanks to everyone who came out to catch a Pensive show in your town! For the first time ever we started a tour at home, at the always amazing Channel 1225. A Monday night and y’all packed the place, so a big thanks for that. Safford rocked as usual, putting together an impromptu show at the Fairgrounds with just two days notice. The Venue in Dalton GA, always a sweet spot, Caitlin’s cookies and this time Elizabeth’s home cooked authentic Mexican food yummy! Wow, Grand Rapids … The Mixtape gets better and better with every visit. Berwyn IL, Chicagoland, The Nite Light was packed, and yeah the deep dish pizza was goooood!

But hey, what can we say about the last night of the tour in Bridgeport Illinois. What is it about Illinois anyway? Patrick’s broken ankle last October in Berwyn, and now Julio’s infamous fainting spell right on stage at Friendly Fire! Diagnosis? Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and that shot of five hour energy drink in the middle of the set! Bad boy Julio ….

So it’s back to San Diego, and some little ditties we call new songs are awaiting, so we’re breaking out the ProTools again and embracing that quirky and all but elusive thing called creativity. And sleeping in our own beds, yeah that’s gonna feel good.

Watch for news about a Fall Tour, probably taking off around October 1 in a town near you!