Saturday, August 2, 2003:
Back to Normal... Sorta

First things first, we've solved all of the problems with our website host, so all of the MAILING LIST and STREET TEAM forms are now working again and you don't have to do things on your own! That should make a few of you happy so you don't have to worry about opening your e-mail, mailing us, and doing all of that nice stuff.

January Embers is up on now, so go check it out! January Embers is the fifth song off of Something About the Stars, so listen to it while you have the chance! It'll be up for a week, so hurry up and listen today!

The EP is on track to be released at the end of August. The artwork looks terrific and the distribution is falling into place, so things are definitely looking up and we're really excited.

Stay tuned for more good news...

Saturday, August 16, 2003:
It's all good!

Okay, so we're good to go and back with a totally revamped lineup... again. Well, sorta. Pat and Julio are still here, but there's some random stuff that has unfolded. First off, our mail-order drummer came via air mail, and he's awesome! Christopher Delisle is the new drummer, and he's from New Hampshire! Long story of how we got in touch with him, but you can talk to him about that. We're just damn glad he's ours. Also, if any of you remember that crazy bastard named Jared, he's back! That's right! Kevin's back in Maine, and Jared's back in Pensive. Jared is a sexy beast, so it's okay. Everything's new and updated in the Band section of the site, so head over there and get to know the new half of Pensive!

Aside from that, Stare at the Stars, the sixth track on the new EP (yes, STARE), should be up on the page within the next couple of days. We uploaded it, so we're just waiting for it to appear. Head over and listen to January Embers while you still can! Keep playing The 3rd of July everyday as much as you can! It's still #1 on the Pop Punk Streaming Chart, and it's wandering around the Top 40 on the ENTIRE site. Last time we checked, it was #16 on the entire site, so help us break into the top 10!!

Our message board has been really active lately, and we're excited to see everyone having fun and meeting other Pensive fans. It's really nice talking to everyone too. We try to get on there as much as possible, so if you have something to ask us, we'll definitely see it if you post it on the message board!

Finally, we have a fan review of When the Fire Burns Brightest, so go check it out!

Thursday, August 28, 2003:
Under The Radar and... a show!

First things first, put us on the HOMEPAGE! Pensive is now being featured in the Under The Radar section of the homepage. THANK YOU ALL! Everyone who has been helping us out and playing "The 3rd of July" is awesome for doing it as often as you can. You helped us get here and there's nothing we can't do without your help! Cruise on over to and check it out for yourself, and while you're there, play "The 3rd of July" and our other songs too!

AND... AND...

Pensive's comeback show is booked for September 30th at The Scene in San Diego! We know it's a Tuesday night and a lot of you guys have school, but if you start begging now, your parents will let you go! And if you don't have parents, we'll see you there! We'll be playing with the Plain White T's from Chicago. They're an awesome band and we couldn't pass this opportunity up, and we're really excited!

Believe it or not, Something About the Stars WILL be available at the show, so bring some extra cash!

Also just in time for the show we'll be posting some new shirts both for the guys and the gals, so check back very soon for the new designs!