Tuesday, August 7, 2007:
One Month And Counting Down!

In the next 30 days everything new about Pensive will be revealed! The new songs are finished, the CD is just about done and back from the manufacturer ready to take home, the new video will rock, can't wait to share that with you too! Sean's busy programming the new website, hidden away in his secret batcave, his skin growing more pale by the day hidden from the sunlight. Yeah, that means a new MySpace profile too, they have to match you know!

Then, the best begins. We hit the road for 100 days of touring across the country beginning September 7th, always a lucky day for Pensive! We mean it when we say we can't wait to see all y'all again. Watch our website EVENTS section or our MySpace profile, because more and more shows will be posted as they come rolling in.

See you in September!

Friday, August 24, 2007:
What Do You Think About The New Website?

Welcome to our new website! It's a celebration of our new album Artifacts, and we hope it reflects all the excitement we feel about our new songs. But just as much, it's a proper way to introduce all of you to our new band members!

That's right, with Artifacts comes the revealing of our new bass player Billy Formella and our new drummer Dave Thueson. Check in on them in our new BAND section right here on the website and all will be revealed. Well, all except how hard they rock on stage.

For that you'll need the up close and personal uber experience of Pensive live. Which we're about to make quite easy for you beginning September 7th when we head out for 100 days cruising the highways and byways of the good old USA!

Until then we hope you'll visit us over on MySpace, where we are debuting our new songs right now! Each week on Sunday we'll be putting up a new selection of five of the songs on Artifacts, so don't miss your opportunity to get a preview before the September 4th official release!

Let us know what you think ....