Friday, August 1, 2008:

Kevin says we get to play San Diego Warped Tour, and we're psyched! Out of our minds with excitement. Barely able to contain ourselves. SAN DIEGO, since you'll be there anyway, and won't we all, catch us at the SKATE RAMP STAGE!!

Better yet, catch us at the SKATE RAMP STAGE with a special Pensive Warped Tour Flyer, available only that day, and you can win an awesome prize given away from the stage during our show. Well at least we think it's awesome, but then again, we might just be egomaniacs. Wanna know? Just ask ....

But hey, there's more. Truth be told an appearance in our own home town is something of a rarity, so don't worry if you're somewhere in the Midwest or Southeast, or elsewhere!

Our FALL TOUR starts at the end of September and we'll be all over the good ol' USA once again all the way until Thanksgiving! That's lots of weeks to visit lots of cities, with lots of surprises, soon to be revealed ....

So see y'all soon!


Thursday, August 21, 2008:
Warped Tour The Strictly Pensive Way!

Wow! Our first Warped Tour performance ever was last Thursday right here in our home town of Sunny San Diego, and it was a day to remember!

Huge props to our Street Team STRICTLY PENSIVE for an awesome performance, plastering Warped Tour with a gazillion flyers and posters. They were no joke, but they were JOKERS! Full-blown matching costumes and face makeup spreading the good Pensive word. Now they just want their phone call ....

And the Skate Ramp Stage was a blast! 6 PM, the sun going down, screaming adoring fans ... who could ask for more? We've had so many awesome shows, but this just might be our favorite now ....

Thanks to all of you who caught our set and hung out with us at Warped Tour! Come check us out on September 27th at Channel 1225 in El Cajon, just click TOUR and you'll find the info.

You non San Diego types will catch us on the road yet again beginning in October, and shows will start popping up soon!

Just Click Here To Visit STRICTLY PENSIVE and join the fun no matter where you live!