Sunday, August 23, 2009:
Summer's Lease Hath All Too Short A Date

Indeed, its true. Summer is (nearly) gone, and Autumn is upon us. And you know we always kick off September with something amazing. Whether were on the road, or right here at home in San Diego, there will be a Patrick Birthday celebration! Well, its home sweet home this year, right in our own backyard of El Cajon. Thats right, could it get better than Live at Channel 1225?

Six bands, ten bucks. Oh, and Patrick says chocolate brownies added on to the price of admission LOL! Weve got some amazing little contests planned for you too. Fun and frolic and big time rock and roll. We advise you dont miss it San Diego, because were hitting the road in October and rumor has it we wont be playing at home again until 2010!

Yes, final plans are shaping up for our Fall Tour, and well be posting dates soon. So all yall situated across the fruited plains, please stand by. Were coming to a town near you.